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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early success

Ok so when I first started this blog, I was determined not to just post whatever was going on with me at any given time. I wanted to put up stuff that I found interesting, so I could read it later and be interested or find ideas or whatever. Well something funny happened that is kind of relevent and since I haven't actually had a decent post in a while I'm going to write it.

So I had an idea for a regular blog that i was going to call "Credible vs Incredible" which I may still do. I got through a bulk of the research but never managed to finish the blog. It's still sitting in my unpublished file with about 3 other blog entries that I may or may not complete one day.

First I need to give you guys a little background information. Monday the first of March was the first day of uni, it was also the day of the Sound wave music festival. I had one lecture at 6 o'clock and I thought fuck it I'll get it on iLecture later. I went to the festival and I had a great time. That was until the first song of Faith No More when some complete asshole decides to sucker punch me for no obvious reason from behind. Broke my nose, chipped my teeth, kinda fucked up my jaw, I lost my nose ring and worst of all, I missed FNT, fucking asshole right!

So fuck it, it happened, we move onward. So my first day of uni is the next day, I have a big black eye, a busted nose I had kind of a shit sleep and I'm all fucked up on pain killers. I was kinda struggling, and more than a little self conscious. I was finding it difficult to pay attention and then totally by accident I ended up volunteering to do an oral presentation the next week. So fuck right. But as luck would have it, the topic for the presentation was news sources and values, which happened to be exactly the same topic as my "Credible vs Incredible" post. So yay, my research is done. I spent a day making a powerpoint presentation, I pad out the speech for a little while with some references to the text book and I think I've managed to pull off a fairly decent presentation. I do it and the tutor pulls me to the side at the end and tells me that she wants me to present it in the actual lecture. It was supposed to be this week but God had a little cry and decided to flood the school. So it was cancelled but my tutor came up to me the next day and said fuck it we'll just stick it at the begining of the next one when it's no longer relevent to the lecture topic.

So that's the story of how a half finished blog post and a broken nose ended up with a first year student getting his own segment in the lecture. I've got two weeks holidays now and then the lecture is on the next Monday. Once the lecture is up on the net, I'll cut out my bit and I'll put it up here and that'll be, you know, good.

Peace be with you muther fuckers.

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