Words of the Hellbound

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Only had half an hour with this one, so it just kinda stops half way through. Anyway enjoy.


"So after 6 years, my girlfriend and I finally found our strength, we learned how to be together as just friends, and now, with the loving guidance of God, we are on our way to a healthy, hetero sexual relationship with good Christian men, just as God intended. Praise Jesus."

The applause, while certainly not deafening, was oddly intoxicating. In spite of my personal objection to the very notion of 'sin' rehabilitation there was a real sense of hope and community here. No judgment, except the judgment of their God, which for them seemed like such an automatic given, but for me, just didn't seem to make any sense. God was angry with people so he had a son that was himself, and then sacrificed himself, to himself, to forgive me for loving another person that apparently wasn't the right person, just because we couldn't make babies. Before the Missionaries got here, it had never even occurred to us that it was out of the ordinary, some like fish, some like lamb, some like both, but apparently for the mission, folk sex was a pretty big deal.

It started when me Yikojana and I were walking to the foreshore for a dinner, we were holding hands, and kissing from time to time. The missionaries had been around for a couple of decades so we knew they were a little quirky, also we knew that when some of our community would accept their invitations, they would seem to follow suit, wearing the strange clothing and acting uncomfortable about some of our most basic customs, sometimes even with what appeared to be true terror. That always made me sad, but once it happened, it seemed as though there was no getting them back, they would never attend the ceremonies or some cases even come and talk to us. So when the approached Yikojana and I, Yiko said he wasn't interested, but I said, "Perhaps we should go, at least we should find out what this is all about." Yiko simply wasn't interested, but said it was OK for me to go and find out, so I did.

It was really quite fun. The Missionaries taught us some new songs, new to me anyway. and they read us some stories about a Shaman that healed to blind 2000 years ago with the power of they're God. Which was incredible, but when I asked them to heal Moyaci of his deafness, they told me not to question his greatness. Which I didn't understand, I wasn't questioning him, I was asking him to use his power to heal my friends, but the missionaries rarely make much sense to me.

But it continued, they began to speak of the vengeance of their God, that if we didn't follow him, we would be charged for our crimes on earth and tormented for ever. For ever! I was really confused at this point. What did this God want from us, why was he so angry that unless we followed him absolutely, he would punish us forever. Also why had we never heard this before? If it was so important, surely this Gos would have made himself know to our teachers and elders, but until the missionaries came, no one had ever heard of this God.

But then something quite bizarre happened.

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