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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The rise of Atheism

Hey hey! So I'm back from the imensely successful Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, and I had an absolute blast, met up with a few good people, thoroughly enjoyed the event, the speakers were all first rate, even if I was only able to attend the final day (don't tell anyone but I snuck in to see PZ and AC on the Saturday. I would have been glad to pay but unfortunately tickets had sold out). While I was there I organised a couple of interviews with Youtube Atheist (am I the only one that hates that term?) NonStampCollector, New York Comedian Jamie Kilstein and an impromptue interview with legendary blogger, biologist and all round awesome guy, PZ Myers (whom I've since discovered prefers zee to zed). On top of this, I made a mistake with my flight booking and ended up staying in Melbourne a day longer than I expected, which gave me the opportunity to have a chat with one of the preachers at St Pauls Cathedral, Jim Brady (unfortunately not Phillip Freier).

Click here to Download the MP3

One of these days I'll work out how to do an audio stream.

In case you want to skip my crapping on in between, or your just interested in a particular interview, here's the times

NonStampCollector 1:54
Jamie Kilstein 28:40
PZ Myers 41:24
Jim Brady 55:33

1 comment:

  1. I thought Jim Brady was very interesting. He was much more open to discussion than I had originally anticipated.

    I'm glad we managed to get an insight from his side of things.