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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Old New Age

2000 years ago in bronze age Palestine, there were a lot of poor people. Really a whole shitload of poor people, and not just poor but desperately impoverished. Now I don't want to give the impression that I'm any sort of authority on this topic, I'm certainly not, but this sort of stuff is fairly common knowledge. Remember the scene in apocolypto where they first get into the city, and every one's all sick and fucked up? Like that but bigger. To top it off, you're taught from birth a whole lot of spooky nonsense by all the other ignorant animals around you, so you're not only bored, hungry, sick and miserable, but these people have to heap on a whole lot of fear, guilt and confusion too.

2000 years on and not much has changed. Health standards have improved (thank you secular science), choices for entertainment have expanded (thank you secular and non secular entertainers, writers etc, as well as secular science), people now have more food than ever (big thanks to science on that one, specific shout out to Norman Borlau, the man that saved a billion lives) and miserable people can now seek therapy (pretty much science), go do something fun (science and capitalism) or you can just take drugs (illicit or prescription, both with many thanks to science). Yet even with all these improvements in the quality of life, we still seem to be not much more than a pack of blind animals with too much power to understand, and no one there to explain anything useful. But there is one more big difference. In the past 50 years the ability to communicate has been improving at a blindingly fast rate, and now these people are in a position where there ideas are free to flow like piss from a drunken horse, into the ignorant animal brains of all the other little people out there. Hence we have the "New Age".

Back to 2000 years ago they didn't have no fancy mobile phones or Internets. But what they did have was a hole shit load of the miserable people crammed into a space stumbling blindly about this thing they called life, with not much better to do than just talk shit to each other. Consider that back then the age new to them. It's pretty easy to imagine these people having there own, specifically very weak, but generally very strong memes that spread among the poorer classes, serving as a replacement for real understanding. These would have been the new agers of the time. It's like this, they flung a whole lot of shit at the wall, and I mean a lot of shit, each generation is throwing shit of a different color, (specifically weak), but they're are all still flinging shit, just the way they're parents told them (generally strong). Think of it as a shit based memetic organism with an extremely high mutation rate and ever changing artificial selection pressures. So you get big shits, small shit, black shits, green shits, shit of every concievable variation to suit the new age dipshit's personal apetite, no two shit's quite the same and each shit very different to it's parent shit, but ultimately, it's all still shit.

One particular shit monster happened to take hold by a series of unfortunate events leading to a more consistant selection pressure and a mild decrease in the rate of mutation, and now we have Christians, spewing the same ignorant shit that these old new agers pulled out of they're ass 2000 years ago. Now I'm not here today to argue the historicity of the bible. I find it to be pretty laughable whether it's all bullshit or just most of it, (to my way of thinking if God wrote it, there should be a mutation rate of zero, because firstly it wouldn't be hard for an omnipotent being to try and not confuse the shit out of his people by having 4000 slightly different versions of the same fucking book and secondly because if the God wrote a perfect book any change no matter how slight can only be Satan fucking with the original script. So there you have it, most Christians are worshiping the false idol of a Satanic text, explains a lot) the point I'm trying to make is that the new agers then, are the same as the new agers now. They are spiritually hungry people, confused by the world and they're place in it. Cynical of established convention and it's ability and willingness to take advantage of them. They're realities are distorted by miss guided notions like faith and "open-mindedness" (as if there was ever an open minded new ager, there's a difference between just accepting anything you like, rejecting what you don't and existing in your own tautological epistemological paradigm, and actually being open to all ideas, and assessing them PROPERLY to see which ones hold water and then accepting the truth in spite of what you might prefer to be true, in other words, a skeptic). Yet it's from this confused counter culture this figure of a mangod came that went on to become the very essence of European mythology and later the accepted religion of one third of the world. It became a symbol, not of rebellion, but of the system itself.

So what's my point? People just refuse to learn this lesson. These people have been making up new ways to intellectually fuck people since probably the dawn of time. Anytime there's enough of them in a small enough space, you've got yourself a "new age" group that's going to leave more intellectual waste in the meme pool for everyone else to have to clean up. Meanwhile, every time we do manage to scrape one of the shit monsters out of the pool these people just keep pouring more and more in. But why are they still here? Why do these god damn new ager, religionist nut jobs still get to pump all there bogus, fear driven insanity in the well and no one is going to call them on it. We've got raliens, scientologists, anti-vaxers, homeopaths and God knows what else. These are just the latest in a series of serious attacks on the human intellect, as if we needed any more heaped on, and they are all a result of modern new agers.

So what's so dangerous about it all, where's the threat exactly? Well even now, wealthy christian groups usually without realising it are funding wars and supporting soldiers, including children, to fight and kill Muslims, who are themselves being supported by wealthy Islamic groups and trained to kill christians. This is the legacy of the old new age and that one shit monster that happened to stick to the wall. Why would you want to risk that sort of shit just so you can have this new age fantasy and keep coming up with garbage, especially given the fact that we actually are in a position to know so much more about the world than we did even 200 years ago, let alone 2000. Back then you could really right it off to unavoidable ignorance. There was just no one there to tell anyone what to do, God being conspicuously un-present. But now in spite of everything we actually have the scientific tools to try to discern the difference between what's real and what is not. Ignorance has made the transition from unavoidable to understandable to willful and it's getting pretty close to unforgivable.

Put simply if you allow yourself to accept that something can be accepted without being tested, you risk taking actions based on corrupted data, and that ladies and gentleman is how Cancer works. Unproven, discredited ideas are intellectual cancer, and one day they will kill us.

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  1. While the main stream religions appear to have declined in recent generations there is a whole new wave of pseudo-science quackery joining the anti-intellectual movement.

    As a result the importance of Skepticism is also on the increase.